Hello September

I’ve been waiting for you. Summer has been absolutely amazing, especially since I just topped it off with a week trip to Vegas with my favorite travel partner-my boyfriend. We flew over the Las Vegas Strip in a helicopter, sat third row at Cirque du Soleil Ka, solved crimes at the CSI Experience, and hung out with the Blue Man Group. But now I’m ready for the smell of the crisp fall air and watching the leaves change to yellows, organges, and reds. I’m ready for Football Sundays with pizza and buffalo chicken wing dip, pumpkin carving, haunted hayrides, and Halloween movies: Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and Beetlejuice.

Plus a new season calls for a new wardrobe. As I was walking to the train the other day, I walked passed Old Navy (where I almost never shop), but I saw that they were having an awesome sale so I decided to stop in and check it out. To my surprise, I ended up walking out with a whole new fall outfit including this floral print, bell-sleeve shift dress, a button down cardigan, and a small mustard yellow crossbody bag with fringe! I paired it with a pair of ankle booties and a floppy hat for the perfect casual fall day outfit.


Parisian Street Style

August, the Sunday of summer. As I’m writing this post, it’s 70 degrees and partly cloudy with a slight breeze which is making me realize that fall is right around the corner, and I’m not ready! It’s the time of year where you start not knowing what to wear-shorts, jeans, long sleeve, short sleeve. So to compromise with the weather- I decided to pair this black and white striped top with a pair of LC Lauren Conrad eyelet hemmed shorts. I love my accessories so I added a black floppy hat, little black booties, and a layered semi-chunky necklace. I call this look Parisian street style.

Aloha Hawaiian Vibes

I don't know about you, but this past week it has been impossible to beat the heat here in the city! It hasn't been below 90 degrees in about 5 days! Sunscreen has been a necessity and so has this cute straw fedora hat from Lulus! Hats have become my new favorite summer accessory.

Paired with my straw fedora is this Hawaiian floral print summer dress and a pair of mustard colored flip flops from American Eagle. This outfit is perfect for a summer Friday drinks date with your best girlfriend on a trendy NYC rooftop, mine being Lucy's Cantina. It will also be the number one outfit packed in my suitcase for my vacay getaway wardrobe. I bought this dress on sale from Lulus, but unfortunately it came in a little big so I simply tied a tiny knot in the center of the dress not only to make it fit a bit more snug, but for a fun little DIY detail!

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine, I’ve been missing you. I’ve been very busy enjoying my Summer Fridays exploring the city, floating down the river back home,  and reading all seven Harry Potter books while catching some rays at the beach. It’s hard to believe we are already half way through summer, and I’m only five weeks away from my Vegas getaway! What have you been up to this summer fashion babes?!

Lets talk summer style. There are two types of girls in the summer: girls who prefer dresses and girls who prefer shorts. I’ve always been more of a shorts girl and these are one of my absolute favorite finds this summer from Zara. Embroidery has been HUGE for a few seasons now, but we are starting to see it transform. It started with florals and it’s now heading into insects and animals. This little tiny detail of an embroidered butterfly totally changed the look of these high-waisted fray hem shorts. What’s going on on top? It’s all about the bell sleeves! Big sleeves are making a comeback, and I’m not mad about it. I’m totally feeling the 70’s vibe right now! Give me some John Lennon sunnies, and I’ll be in my happy place! Peace, love, and remember your sunscreen!


Sammy Jo

Pretty in Pastels


Spring has sprung! The sun is finally making its way through the clouds and the April showers have definitely been working on those May flowers this past week in NYC. This little taste of sunshine has me super excited for my countdown to Florida-only 12 days to go! I’ll be visiting my dear friends Mickey and Minnie at Disney for a few days, playing with the whales as Sea World, and hopefully eating my way through CiCi’s Pizza buffet.


I’m bringing in spring by brightening up my wardrobe with some pretty pastels-greens, pinks, and blues. I’m wearing an LC Lauren Conrad green chiffon tank with her lightweight floral bomber jacket that has the cutest little tassels. I paired it with a light wash destroyed tomgirl jean from American Eagle, beige lace up flats from DSW, and my pink pastel Michael Kors backpack.



Roses are Red..


Roses are red, violets are blue. I like pretty flowers and red lipstick too! Now I know Valentine’s Day is either an I love it or I hate it holiday because you’re either A.in a relationship posting lovey dovey insta pics (yahhh I love it) or B. a single lady drowning your single gal sorrows in a bottle of champagne and a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream while watching “The Notebook.” (Ew, I hate it). I, however, have a soft spot for Valentine’s Day. Two years ago on February 14th, I had my first date with my now and forever boyfriend. It started with a bouquet of red roses at my desk and ended with dinner in the Lower East Side at a cute little restaurant called Sweet Chick. Last year, our second Valentine’s Day together, he bought me two dozen roses (not only because it was Valentine’s Day, but because it was my last day being 24) and took me to dinner in Williamsburg at the Meatball Shop-yum! So yes, I’m an I love it girl because I have a great guy who is a romantic and spoils me not only on this special day but every day. He doesn’t know this yet, but I’m dragging him to see 50 Shades Darker with me this Valentine’s Day..sorry babe!

So with the special date night right around the corner (t-minus 14 days), it’s time to start shopping for that special date night outfit. Instead of the typical red dress or heart patterned shirt, try something different this year like a red lipstick skater dress with a peter pan collar, black chunky booties, and tights to try to keep your legs semi-warm on the cold February nights. Don’t forget to complete the look with some red matte lipstick for smoochable lips.








Note to Self


So here we are, three weeks into the new year and to be honest- I’ve spent a lot of 2017 in bathroom stalls crying my eyes out. Maybe I’m finally having that quarter-life crisis people talk about. I mean, I am gonna be turning 26 next month where I’ll be considered in my “late twenties.” *Eye roll.* In times of crisis, like Superman, your best friend arrives in your inbox with a little reassurance and a motivational article to remind you life is too short to put up with things that aren’t contributing to your happiness (and to be sitting in a gross bathroom stall crying off expensive eyeliner), sacrificing your health (and hair) for wealth isn’t worth it, failure is opportunity, and happiness is a journey-not a destination.

Sometimes you just need that-a simple text message from your BFF who lives 865 miles away from you, or a boyfriend who brings you 3 bouquets of flowers because he couldn’t decide which color to pick so he bought them all, or your little brother who hops on a plane for a weekend to sleep in your kitchen on a deflated air mattress just to put a smile on your face. A reminder that no matter where life takes you everything is going to be okay. A reminder that you don’t have to be in a certain place at a certain point of your life. A reminder that this life is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. A reminder that someone is in your corner.

Ugh, sorry we got so emotional here, but I needed that- a good vent session with my fashionistas to let you know it’s okay to not be okay, but to learn to keep moving forward. So put on your most stylish outfit and accessorize it with your best accessories and conquer your world. Make it the happiest, most adventurous, and stylish year yet!