Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine, I’ve been missing you. I’ve been very busy enjoying my Summer Fridays exploring the city, floating down the river back home,  and reading all seven Harry Potter books while catching some rays at the beach. It’s hard to believe we are already half way through summer, and I’m only five weeks away from my Vegas getaway! What have you been up to this summer fashion babes?!

Lets talk summer style. There are two types of girls in the summer: girls who prefer dresses and girls who prefer shorts. I’ve always been more of a shorts girl and these are one of my absolute favorite finds this summer from Zara. Embroidery has been HUGE for a few seasons now, but we are starting to see it transform. It started with florals and it’s now heading into insects and animals. This little tiny detail of an embroidered butterfly totally changed the look of these high-waisted fray hem shorts. What’s going on on top? It’s all about the bell sleeves! Big sleeves are making a comeback, and I’m not mad about it. I’m totally feeling the 70’s vibe right now! Give me some John Lennon sunnies, and I’ll be in my happy place! Peace, love, and remember your sunscreen!


Sammy Jo


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