Note to Self


So here we are, three weeks into the new year and to be honest- I’ve spent a lot of 2017 in bathroom stalls crying my eyes out. Maybe I’m finally having that quarter-life crisis people talk about. I mean, I am gonna be turning 26 next month where I’ll be considered in my “late twenties.” *Eye roll.* In times of crisis, like Superman, your best friend arrives in your inbox with a little reassurance and a motivational article to remind you life is too short to put up with things that aren’t contributing to your happiness (and to be sitting in a gross bathroom stall crying off expensive eyeliner), sacrificing your health (and hair) for wealth isn’t worth it, failure is opportunity, and happiness is a journey-not a destination.

Sometimes you just need that-a simple text message from your BFF who lives 865 miles away from you, or a boyfriend who brings you 3 bouquets of flowers because he couldn’t decide which color to pick so he bought them all, or your little brother who hops on a plane for a weekend to sleep in your kitchen on a deflated air mattress just to put a smile on your face. A reminder that no matter where life takes you everything is going to be okay. A reminder that you don’t have to be in a certain place at a certain point of your life. A reminder that this life is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. A reminder that someone is in your corner.

Ugh, sorry we got so emotional here, but I needed that- a good vent session with my fashionistas to let you know it’s okay to not be okay, but to learn to keep moving forward. So put on your most stylish outfit and accessorize it with your best accessories and conquer your world. Make it the happiest, most adventurous, and stylish year yet!











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