StyleMD-Retail Therapy

BIG NEWS FASHIONISTAS! I’m excited to officially annouce that I have teamed up with a brand new styling app called StyleMD which is designed to help you find an affordable fashion stylist that matches your specific needs within your budget. StyleMD is available for free on the Apple App Store right now!

What’s my role with the app? I am here to be your guide through fashion whether you just don’t have the time or energy to shop for yourself or you have no clue how to mix and match pieces! I specialize in styling tips, wardrobe consultations, personal shopping, and personal styling. I focus on categories including office wear, casual wardrobe, night life, weddings, red carpet, and accessories (including shoes and bags). I also work with various different styles as well- modern, traditional, elegant, preppy, and vintage.

Here are some examples of my work:

Casual Lunch Date w/ the Girls

Night Out on the Town

Edgy Chic

Work Attire

work attire
Roll Out the Red Carpet

red carpet 1

Download StyleMD for free through the app store, and find me as your stylist. Please feel free to contact me through the app or by email at I have set packages and extremely reasonable rates-however, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to make a customized package for you! Now let’s do some retail therapy and get to styling!


House Divided


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is drinking a cold beer in the hot sun (I’m just really not a wine girl), and where is the best place to do that? A baseball game! The other day I took my boyfriend to his very first MLB game- the Yankees vs. Red Sox. He grew up in New York City so of course he’s a Yankees fan, but I’m a daddy’s girl, so obviously I had to rep my dad’s favorite baseball team-the Red Sox, leaving our house divided! And if you know me, you know I went to a stadium full of screaming Yankee fans wearing my Red Sox shirt and hat loud and proud!

Not only were there sunny skies, but we had the best seats in the house(which I’m not going to lie, at Yankee Stadium, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house). Unfortunately, the Yankees ended up winning which gave my boyfriend bragging rights for the rest of the night, but it was the perfect day for some cold beers, cheesy nachos, and doing the wave with the whole entire stadium.

We’ll get ’em next time. LET’S GO SOX!