Stars (and Stripes) in the Sky Watching Fireworks Fly

Pic 1

Hello my beautiful Fashionistas! I hope you all had an amazing July 4th weekend! Do anything fun over the long holiday weekend? I would love to hear so comment below! My boyfriend, myself, and his family decided we would take a spur of the moment trip to Seaside Heights, aka The Jersey Shore, fist pumping our way to The Shore with DMX Pandora on full blast. But, half way to The Shore, we passed the Six Flags Great Adventure sign-game changer! We changed our destination in the GPS and off to Six Flags we went. So, in the end, I spent my Fourth of July with my adrenaline rushing through my body as I anxiously waited in line for the Nitro and the Bizarro and falling into Houdini’s illusions and ending the night with an amazing firework show over the lake.

Pic 2

But just because I spent the night screaming on rollercoasters doesn’t mean I couldn’t look cute while doing it. It’s Fourth of July which means your wardrobe better consist of red, white and blue so I wore this white and blue striped off-the-shoulder flowy top paired with white skinny jeans (my fave summer bottom color). And a summer outfit isn’t complete without the perfect pair of sunnies to protect those gorgeous eyes. What was your Fourth of July wardrobe?

Pic 3


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