Hittin’ the Slots on Freemont Street

If you haven’t noticed, Vegas is my favorite vacation spot in the entire world (and I’ve been to quite a few places). I’m not into gambling, and I’m not even that into drinking, but  like New York City, there is always something new to do which makes Vegas such a fun place to be. So to add to one of our many adventures, we decided to take on the Slotzilla!

The Slotzilla is a zip line located in Downtown Las Vegas as part of the Freemont Street Experience (and let me tell you, Freemont Street is quite the experience with a lot of “interesting” people). There are two soaring experiences to choose from: the lower line which is the zip line where you sit 77ft above Freemont Street  and fly over the people below you; and the upper line which is the “zoomline” where you lay flat on your stomache “superhero style” 114ft above Freemont Street and zoom 1,750ft down the street. The zip line is only $25 and the zoomline is $45, but if you get there before 6pm, you get $5 off!

After getting strapped into the harness, I almost had a panic attack walking up the stairs to the actual zip line. The stairs kept going and going and going. You don’t realize how high you actually are. Once I got to the top, I got hooked to the harness with an oversized travel bag which held all of my belongings (consisting of only my phone and wristlet) to fly over to the other side with me. Once my harness got attached to the line, there wasn’t even a “3, 2, 1..” warning countdown. It was just BOOM, and I was soaring over the little specks of people on Freemont Street. Once the first second of panic wore off, it was such a heart-racing, adrenal rush, fun experience, and I’m so happy I did it! Zip lining can now be checked off the bucket list! #slotzilla #freemontexperience


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