Weather Update: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Meatball Shop 1

My favorite cuisine of choice: Italian. My boyfriend took me to The Meatball Shop in Williamsburgh for our Valentine’s Day dinner, and it was delicious. What makes this place so interesting compared to other Italian restaurants is that you get to create your own meal by marking off the menu with things you want. For instance, you start under the category “Naked Balls” (silly, I know) and you get to choose what kind of ball you want (classic beef, spicy pork, chicken, veggie, special) then you choose the sauce you want paired with your ball (classic tomato, spicy meat, mushroom gravy, etc). From there, you  start picking your sides (which can either be left on the side or put under your “not-so-naked balls” anymore).

Meatball Shop 2

Moving to New York City has totally turned me into a foodie. Normally, I stick to the basics but this time I got the classic beef balls with parmesan cream on top of spaghetti (okay so maybe I’m not entitled to the term “foodie” yet, but I’m definitely branching out), and my boyfriend got the classic beef balls with classic tomato sauce on top of spaghetti. We also wanted to try the special slider of the day which was a pizza meatball on a tiny slider roll (my lucky day since pizza is my favorite food!). So if you’re looking for good food, great service, and throwback jams with Usher, this is the place to be!


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