Making My 25th Birthday the “Coolest” Experience

Minus 5

Let the Quarter Life Crisis begin. This past weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday where I naturally began the thought process of feeling like I need life figured out, I’m running out of time, and what do I do now. With that said, I booked a trip to Vegas because where else is better to sort out life than laying poolside in 100° weather with a strawberry daiquiri in hand (see you in May Mirage Hotel, thanks Expedia for an awesome deal!).

Aside from my own personal crisis, I had the most amazing Valentines /Birthday weekend ever. My handsome boyfriend spoiled me rotten by surprising me with 24 roses for my last day of being 24 years old, dinner at The Meatball Shop, a trip to the movies to see my celeb boyfriend JB in Zoolander, a limited edition pair of Kate Spade Keds, booties from Lulus (currently on sale!), and a trip the Minus5° Ice Bar at the Hilton. Yes, I have the best boyfriend ever, be jealous.

Valentines Day

The Minus5° Ice Bar was the coolest experience though. Everything in the bar is made of ice from the walls, to the seats, to the bar, and even the cups! Of course, they had luxurious furs to sit on so you don’t freeze your butt off (literally), coasters so your drink doesn’t slide off the ice coffee table, and they provided us with a parka and gloves. The drink menu was based on winter-like themes, and they even had an ice funnel sculpture to take shots. I would definitely recommend this bar for those hot summer afternoons when you need to cool off with an ice cold drink.




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