Denim for Days

Lets think back to circa 2001 to the “It” couple of the time, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, in their iconic all denim look at the American Music Awards (which was  recreated by Katy Perry at the 2014 MTV VMA’s). Last week I took a trip to the Museum at FIT where I learned a lot about the history of the world’s most popular fabric: denim. However, I won’t be a chatterbox and fill you in on all the history that you may or may not like to hear. But I will cut to the chase that it was mainly a menswear textile which only became popular to women thanks to “Rosie the Riveter.” Denim also faced bad publicity in the 1950’s due to the famous movie Rebel Without a Cause and the hippies political movements in the 60’s. However, today it is used widely by many luxury designers in their collections including YSL,Ralph Lauren , and many more.

Pictured above in the middle is a pair of Gucci by Tom Ford jeans from Spring 1999. Ford made these jeans in reference to the 1960’s era with a retail price of $3,800.

Denim swimwear? These pieces are meant to show the bleached and tie-dyed effect of denim from the 1970’s era.

The man’s ensemble of the 90’s. The baggy, saggy, and hanging half way down the butt style of jeans. These trends were inspired by famous hip-hop artist of the time such as Wu-tang Clan and Snoop Dogg. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger would design these jeans making them popular for their time, but also creating a bad image for denim with this style because it was then associated with gangs.  Thank God this trend is finally over!

If you don’t have time to come to NYC to visit this exhibit, check out the FIT online denim exhibit experience!


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