Denim for Days

Lets think back to circa 2001 to the “It” couple of the time, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, in their iconic all denim look at the American Music Awards (which was  recreated by Katy Perry at the 2014 MTV VMA’s). Last week I took a trip to the Museum at FIT where I learned a lot about the history of the world’s most popular fabric: denim. However, I won’t be a chatterbox and fill you in on all the history that you may or may not like to hear. But I will cut to the chase that it was mainly a menswear textile which only became popular to women thanks to “Rosie the Riveter.” Denim also faced bad publicity in the 1950’s due to the famous movie Rebel Without a Cause and the hippies political movements in the 60’s. However, today it is used widely by many luxury designers in their collections including YSL,Ralph Lauren , and many more.

Pictured above in the middle is a pair of Gucci by Tom Ford jeans from Spring 1999. Ford made these jeans in reference to the 1960’s era with a retail price of $3,800.

Denim swimwear? These pieces are meant to show the bleached and tie-dyed effect of denim from the 1970’s era.

The man’s ensemble of the 90’s. The baggy, saggy, and hanging half way down the butt style of jeans. These trends were inspired by famous hip-hop artist of the time such as Wu-tang Clan and Snoop Dogg. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger would design these jeans making them popular for their time, but also creating a bad image for denim with this style because it was then associated with gangs.  Thank God this trend is finally over!

If you don’t have time to come to NYC to visit this exhibit, check out the FIT online denim exhibit experience!


With a Hint of Pixie Dust comes the Magical World of Fairy Tale Fashion

Fairy Tale Fashion

Growing up, I always loved watching Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, Pocahontas, Snow White, and all of the princess movies with a handsome prince charming or knight in shining armor coming to sweep the princess off her feet, and most importantly, the magical fairy tale endings. Knocking on 25’s door, let me be the first to remind you that no one is too old for fairy tales. Last night I went to the opening of the “Fairy Tale Fashion” Exhibit held at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This exhibit holds modern day fashion from gowns to shoes to headpieces revolving around fairy tales and will be available to visit until April 16, 2016.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding HoodAlice in Wonderland

The first fairy tale on the list is Little Red Riding Hood who was obviously well-known for her little red cape and the big bad wolf who eats her grandmother and deceives her. The image on the left, and one of my all time favorite pieces with the patent-like hood, is a piece called “Big Red Riding Hood” designed by Comme des Garcons from Spring 2015. The image on the right is called “A Journey Through the Forest” by Dolce and Gabbana from Fall 2014.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland 2

Next up is Alice in Wonderland where poor Alice falls into a rabbit hole in a world filled with with hookah smoking caterpillars and a Mad Hatter. The image on the left is known as “An Army of Playing Cards” by Manish Arora which is meant to represent the Queen of Hearts and her playing card attendants. The image on the right is “The Queen of Hearts” herself in Hideki Seo. The material used for this particular representation was made to design a similar resemblance of the backs of playing cards.

The Snow Queen

Cinderella 1The mirrored dress on the right is called “Millions and Billions of Bits” by Tom Ford from Spring 2014. Throughout many fairy tales (including Snow White) a mirror is a representation of vanity, superficiality, and prosperity. The dress on the left is called “Symmetrical Snowflakes” by Alexander McQueen from Fall 2008 which is meant to represent the Snow Queen’s world. And last, the most stunning piece of all, is the “Invisible Shoe” by Andreia Chaves from 2011.

Snow Queen Shoe

Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast Beauty and The Beast Heels

The remarkable tale of Beauty and The Beast is when Belle moves into the Beast’s castle in repayment for her father stealing a rose from the Beast’s garden. In the image above on the left, the “Beastly Court Dress” by Robe a la Française is a representation of the whole story from the time period of which the story became popularized, small “beastly” leopard spots, and the floral prints which may be the symbolize the rose. On the left, my all time favorite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, created “A Walk in the Beast’s Shoes” in Fall 2011.


Cinderella 2

Cinderella went from rags to riches. This “Magical and Mischievous Spirit” gown was designed by London designer Giles Deacon from Fall 2012. Below are the famous glass slippers that are proof that one pair of shoes can change your life. The image below on the left is known as “The Impossible Slippers” by Noritaka Tatehana giving more of an avant-garde look. The no-heel back was meant to symbolize the challenge of the glass slipper because it is difficult to wear and in the tale, impossible to put on any women’s foot beside that of Cinderella. The image below on the right is known as “Celebrating Cinderella” by Nicholas Kirkwood which was designed in 2015 for the release of the new Cinderella movie and is made from lace-covered vinyl and embellished with Swarovski crystals.  “Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night out and a dress” -Kiera Cass.

Glass Slipper 1 Glass Slipper 2

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OzThe two dress above are representations of Dorothy’s dress that she wears on her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz. The dress on the left is known as “From Cornfield to Catwalk” by Altuzarra from Spring 2015 and the dress on the right is called “Adrian’s Gingham Dresses” named for the use of fabric which was meant to bring a sense of Americana to the piece. Below are the ruby red slippers that Dorothy must click together three times to make her way back to Kansas. These “Ruby Slippers” are designed by Noritaka Tatehana.

Wizard of Oz Shoes

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping BeautyIf you ask me, Sleeping Beauty was the luckiest princess of them all, cursed to sleep for 100 years and can only be awakened by true loves kiss. Let me tell you, when my alarm clock goes off on a Saturday at 6:45 in the morning to get ready for work, that is not my idea of true love. The magnificent flowing gown on the left was designed by Marchesa in Spring 2012 and the stunning gown on the right was designed by Zuhair Murad from Spring 2015.

Although there were so many more remarkable designs from fairy tales including Rapunzel, Furrypelts, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Rose Red, and The Swan Maidens; I just wanted to show you a few of my favorite pieces. When thinking of the term “fairy tale” it is often imagined as lavish, magical, and unattainable, but I think these designers showed us how we can recreate our own fairy tale and make it different, but just as beautiful. THE END.




New Year. New Me. New York.

Dress: Dennis Basso Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Happy New Year Princesses! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve been a very busy woman with holidays, celebrations, and making new year resolutions. Should we do a little catching up? I went back to my hometown for Christmas where I had only eight days to fit in seeing all of my family, frosting cookies, waiting for Santa Claus (somehow I made it on the ‘Nice List’ this year because I’m getting to meet my biggest celebrity crush JUSTIN BIEBER! Thanks Santa!), attending basketball games, eating at my favorite hometown restaurants(1. Reds n’ Trudys where they have the worlds best loose meat burger and chocolate milkshakes and 2. On the Side with the best steak taco in town!),and showing my Brooklyn boyfriend what the country life is all about (yes, I still have a little country in me which means when there’s nothing to do, we shoot sh*t).



As for the new year, I have made several resolutions that for once I finally tend to keep, and I have many hopes, dreams, and ambitions that I hope to fulfill this year, especially with the help of you guys. My hope is to make this blog a blog that you and your friends are excited about, where I release the inner foodie in me to expose you to all my favorite eats in NYC, take you on my adventures to different cites and places(I hope to plan a trip to Vegas or Cancun this year), and amp up my fashion blogs to show you my favorite trends, styles, and things I love most about fashion.

So we will start with this: I recently started reading “If You Have to Cry Go Outside” by Kelly Cutrone which has really motivated me to have faith in myself and believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. From the start of deciding to create my own blog I was skeptical of what people would think of me: would they like what I post, would they think it is stupid, would they even care, will it even go anywhere? But after reading just the first few chapters, all of those questions are behind me because I know what I want, it’s just the matter of getting there, and you can’t care what others think of you, do you because whether they like it or hate it, they’re still going to talk about it. This year, I hope to make this blog something special, and I hope that you, my followers, will help me do that.

My favorite line that I have read so far from Cutrone’s book is “I’m not a smart businesswoman. Frankly, I’m  not even that smart. What I am is fearless and intuitive. I’m attuned to the sound of my inner voice, and I’ve been following blindly for most of my life, without clear goals. It doesn’t speak out loud; it’s more like impressions beaming into my brain from soul.”  So what I advise you all to do in 2016 is to be fearless, have confidence, and believe you can do whatever it is your soul wants to do, and do it in style. Happy 2016 Followers, lets make this our best year yet!

♥ Always,