Dinner with a Show

In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s talk about some elaborate dining here in the city. While my mom was visiting, we went out to a fancy dinner at a restaurant called Landmarc. It’s a cute little French-Italian bistro located in the Time Warner building near Columbus Circle.  

  I’ve always been a pasta lover so I obviously chose their pasta special of the day: spaghetti alla bolognese. For a restaurant in Manhattan, the Landmarc is pretty fairly priced. They have two portion sizes, a small and a large; I got the small and it was only $20. Surprisingly, that’s a steal for a restaurant in the city. At the end of your meal, they also give the whole table some caramel candies made in-house. They were delicious! As a side note, something else I found extremely adorable about this restaurant is that every table that had a child in their party received a stick of cotton candy. How cute is that?! I thought that was such a nice touch because most upper-scales restaurants don’t seem as welcoming to children so the cotton candy touch really gave this restaurant a family-oriented feel which I adored.

 To end the night, we had the chance to watch a magical light show located right inside the Time Warner building. The lights would change colors to the beat of the music, and to make it better, it was all Christmas music (I told you I suffered from OCD- Obsessive Christmas Disorder)! It was absolutely sensational! 


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