Up like Donald Trump

  This weekend I received the best surprise in the entire world! My mom and stepdad surprised me by showing up in NYC, picking me and my boyfriend up in an Escalade, and taking us for a weekend “staycation”at Trump International Hotel & Tower. Located in Columbus Circle in Manhattan, it is one of the best locations right next to Central Park West, the Time Warner Center, several shops including Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, and Sephora, and only blocks away from Times Square. 

The moment you arrive at The Trump you feel like an A-list celebrity. I didn’t open one door or push one elevator button, the bell boy did that for me. Walking into your suite, the light switch buttons consist of “welcome,” “evening,” and “going away.” Each button corresponds according to the saying so when you press “welcome” it will turn on the lights to the suite and open up all of the curtains. There are even buttons near the night stand in your bedroom where you can turn the bathroom light on from your bed so you don’t walk into the bathroom in the dark. When you leave for the day, you just press “going away” and it shuts off all of the lights and closes all of the curtains. The kitchen is also stocked with pop (soda for my city people), mini alcoholic bar , and even Snapple.

 But two of our favorite features at The Trump include: 1. the pillow menu (yes, pillow, as in a menu to choose what kind of pillow you rest your head on). Some options included a healing pillow, a purifying pillow, and a calming pillow (which is the one I chose filled with citrusy scents to calm your nerves). And 2. the option to have a professional chef come cook a meal in your kitchen. Yes, your own personal chef. I felt like a movie star! 

   Being able to see my mom is one of the best surprises I could ever ask for, plus we had a weekend full of adventures, but it all started right here at The Trump.



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