As we’ve been hearing about the tragedy that happened in Paris yesterday, we pray for those who have been affected. I saw an inspiring post on Facebook by my fashion professor where she posted a picture of the Fashion Club visiting Paris in May 2014 to reflect on better times in such a beautiful city. With that said, she inspired me to write this blog about our amazing 8 day long trip to the city of romance and fashion: Paris, France.  

Because Paris is known as “the city of love,” one of my favorite attractions was obviously the Lovelock Bridge. The bridge was filled with hundreds of padlocks symbolizing a couples unbreakable love for each other. It was adorable to see the love notes people wrote on their padlock and the different dates each padlock was put on. It was a beautiful site to see all of the love stories left on that bridge. 

My second favorite attraction was the Eiffel Tower. I can officially mark walking 668 stairs up to the top of the Eiffel Tower off my bucket list! I went and sat at the Eiffel Tower almost every night. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something magical about this beautiful structure made of iron.


My last Parisian adventure I will share with you is walking through the Garden of Versailles. Although it was a rainy day in Paris, getting lost in the garden with my best fashionista friends was a once in a lifetime experience discovering over 900 acres worth of manicured lawns, beautiful flowers, and sculptures with fountains.



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