Players, They Gonna Play

Okay so for those of you who don’t know know me, around this time of the year I start suffering from OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder). I have to find everyone the perfect gift, which led me here, to the NHL by Reebok shop located in Manhattan on 47th and 6th. Once you walk through those revolving doors, it’s hockey heaven!   My cousin is the worlds biggest hockey fan. He can tell you stats about any team from any year so once I spotted this store I just had to go in. I’m not even that big of a hockey fan, and I was amazed by this place.  They had everything from customizable jerseys, every type of hat imaginable, baby clothes, wallets, hockey pucks, mugs with your favorite team, team banners, you name it, it’s there with your favorite team logo!

 What I found the most fascinating about the NHL shop is when you walk into the store, it’s set up just like a locker room. The jerseys are all hung in locker cubbies and all of the workers are wearing different team jerseys. They even had an area set up where you could play NHL video games. They also had tv’s playing real games, and where they hung the tv’s was all made out of hockey sticks.    If you’re a Sabres fan, Penguins fan, Rangers fan, or just an NHL fan in general, I highly recommend visiting this store next time you’re in the city!   


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