Stay Classy New York


Halloween night while everyone was out trick or treating, my friends and I decided to go to a new bar located in the Lower East Side called “Stay Classy New York” which is the only Will Ferrell character based bar in the world! The moment you walk in, everything is Will Ferrell referenced from the drink names to the paintings on the walls to the music playing. 

The drink menu includes drinks such as “you’re my boy blue,” “shake and bake,” and “milk was a bad choice.” My drink of choice was “the f*cking Catalina wine mixer” which was a sangria, and it only cost $8 (or free cause my boyfriend is such a gentleman, love you babe!). I also shared a shot with my friend called “did we just become best friends,” the infamous line from the movie Stepbrothers. The “did we just become best friends” shot comes with two shots (either tequila, whiskey, or vodka) to share with you and a friend! 

What makes this bar so cool is everything and I mean everything is based around Will Ferrell and all of the characters he has played throughout his career. Besides the drink menu referencing some of his most well-known movie lines, the bar is also filled with a bunch of wall art from his movies, the music played throughout the night is from the movies he’s played in, and the bar is filled with multiple tv’s where a different Will Ferrell movie is being played on repeat on each one.

“Stay Classy New York” is never a dull moment, and I highly recommend everyone to go. The bartenders even gave everyone in the bar a free shot. On the count of three everyone had to say “stay classy betches,” and everyone in the bar took their shot at the same time. To say the least, Halloween was a success.. even though I was in bed by 11pm ( I can’t hang like I used to).  

My boyfriend’s friend and I at “Stay Classy New York.” Dress from Forever 21.
Lipstick by Revlon. Color matte balm Standout Remarquable.


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