Dinner with a Show

In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s talk about some elaborate dining here in the city. While my mom was visiting, we went out to a fancy dinner at a restaurant called Landmarc. It’s a cute little French-Italian bistro located in the Time Warner building near Columbus Circle.  

  I’ve always been a pasta lover so I obviously chose their pasta special of the day: spaghetti alla bolognese. For a restaurant in Manhattan, the Landmarc is pretty fairly priced. They have two portion sizes, a small and a large; I got the small and it was only $20. Surprisingly, that’s a steal for a restaurant in the city. At the end of your meal, they also give the whole table some caramel candies made in-house. They were delicious! As a side note, something else I found extremely adorable about this restaurant is that every table that had a child in their party received a stick of cotton candy. How cute is that?! I thought that was such a nice touch because most upper-scales restaurants don’t seem as welcoming to children so the cotton candy touch really gave this restaurant a family-oriented feel which I adored.

 To end the night, we had the chance to watch a magical light show located right inside the Time Warner building. The lights would change colors to the beat of the music, and to make it better, it was all Christmas music (I told you I suffered from OCD- Obsessive Christmas Disorder)! It was absolutely sensational! 


Rockin’ with the Rockettes

  I’ve always heard that New York City is beautiful at Christmas, and finally witnessing it first hand, I have to agree. To start getting into the Christmas spirit, I went to Radio City Hall to watch the infamous Rockettes in the Christmas Spectacular! And let me tell you, it was 14 scenes worth of spectacular

There were scenes with Santa Claus, toy soldiers, figure skaters, a mountain full of presents, and all kinds of Christmas songs. It was one of the most magical shows I’ve ever seen that really gets you in the Christmas spirit. I definitely have to say that the toy soldier scene was by far my favorite with them all marching in harmony and falling like dominos in slow motion. It’s amazing how in unison the performers are and the costumes were simply amazing, sparkle everywhere!   At Radio City Music Hall there isn’t one bad seat in the house! I sat in the Orchestra seating area and could see everything. If I had to recommend a must-see Christmas performance, the Rockettes in the Christmas Spectacular are it! Time to get in the Holiday spirit! 

Up like Donald Trump

  This weekend I received the best surprise in the entire world! My mom and stepdad surprised me by showing up in NYC, picking me and my boyfriend up in an Escalade, and taking us for a weekend “staycation”at Trump International Hotel & Tower. Located in Columbus Circle in Manhattan, it is one of the best locations right next to Central Park West, the Time Warner Center, several shops including Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, and Sephora, and only blocks away from Times Square. 

The moment you arrive at The Trump you feel like an A-list celebrity. I didn’t open one door or push one elevator button, the bell boy did that for me. Walking into your suite, the light switch buttons consist of “welcome,” “evening,” and “going away.” Each button corresponds according to the saying so when you press “welcome” it will turn on the lights to the suite and open up all of the curtains. There are even buttons near the night stand in your bedroom where you can turn the bathroom light on from your bed so you don’t walk into the bathroom in the dark. When you leave for the day, you just press “going away” and it shuts off all of the lights and closes all of the curtains. The kitchen is also stocked with pop (soda for my city people), mini alcoholic bar , and even Snapple.

 But two of our favorite features at The Trump include: 1. the pillow menu (yes, pillow, as in a menu to choose what kind of pillow you rest your head on). Some options included a healing pillow, a purifying pillow, and a calming pillow (which is the one I chose filled with citrusy scents to calm your nerves). And 2. the option to have a professional chef come cook a meal in your kitchen. Yes, your own personal chef. I felt like a movie star! 

   Being able to see my mom is one of the best surprises I could ever ask for, plus we had a weekend full of adventures, but it all started right here at The Trump.



  As we’ve been hearing about the tragedy that happened in Paris yesterday, we pray for those who have been affected. I saw an inspiring post on Facebook by my fashion professor where she posted a picture of the Fashion Club visiting Paris in May 2014 to reflect on better times in such a beautiful city. With that said, she inspired me to write this blog about our amazing 8 day long trip to the city of romance and fashion: Paris, France.  

Because Paris is known as “the city of love,” one of my favorite attractions was obviously the Lovelock Bridge. The bridge was filled with hundreds of padlocks symbolizing a couples unbreakable love for each other. It was adorable to see the love notes people wrote on their padlock and the different dates each padlock was put on. It was a beautiful site to see all of the love stories left on that bridge. 

My second favorite attraction was the Eiffel Tower. I can officially mark walking 668 stairs up to the top of the Eiffel Tower off my bucket list! I went and sat at the Eiffel Tower almost every night. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something magical about this beautiful structure made of iron.


My last Parisian adventure I will share with you is walking through the Garden of Versailles. Although it was a rainy day in Paris, getting lost in the garden with my best fashionista friends was a once in a lifetime experience discovering over 900 acres worth of manicured lawns, beautiful flowers, and sculptures with fountains.


Players, They Gonna Play

Okay so for those of you who don’t know know me, around this time of the year I start suffering from OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder). I have to find everyone the perfect gift, which led me here, to the NHL by Reebok shop located in Manhattan on 47th and 6th. Once you walk through those revolving doors, it’s hockey heaven!   My cousin is the worlds biggest hockey fan. He can tell you stats about any team from any year so once I spotted this store I just had to go in. I’m not even that big of a hockey fan, and I was amazed by this place.  They had everything from customizable jerseys, every type of hat imaginable, baby clothes, wallets, hockey pucks, mugs with your favorite team, team banners, you name it, it’s there with your favorite team logo!

 What I found the most fascinating about the NHL shop is when you walk into the store, it’s set up just like a locker room. The jerseys are all hung in locker cubbies and all of the workers are wearing different team jerseys. They even had an area set up where you could play NHL video games. They also had tv’s playing real games, and where they hung the tv’s was all made out of hockey sticks.    If you’re a Sabres fan, Penguins fan, Rangers fan, or just an NHL fan in general, I highly recommend visiting this store next time you’re in the city!   

Burger & Lobster

 One of my favorite things about NYC is experiencing all of the different restaurants the city has to offer. At home we only have the chain restaurants like Applebees, Friendly’s, and McDonalds. For my boyfriend’s birthday, we went to a restaurant located in Chelsea called “Burger & Lobster.” The menu is simple: burger, lobster, or lobster roll. Best part? It’s only $20! 

To be honest, I’m really not a seafood fan, so naturally I would opt for the burger (which looked enormous and delicious!). But since living in NYC, I’ve become somewhat of a foodie so I tried the lobster roll. For someone who isn’t a fan of seafood, the lobster roll was one of the best things I have ever tasted, filled with so much flavor, maybe from the secret ingredient (Japanese mayo.. Shh don’t tell)!

Burger & Lobster makes for the perfect date night! It’s simple, affordable, and has a great vibe. 

Selfies with Shay Mitchell

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet my fashion icon and favorite TV drama star from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell. Shay recently released her first book entitled Bliss that she coauthored with her best friend Michaela Blaney. They held a book signing at Barnes & Noble in TriBeCa where I waited three hours in line to meet Shay and get my booked signed. It was well worth the wait. Shay is such a fun, loving, and outgoing person who truly appreciates and loves her fans.

  For all of my book worms out there who need a fun read, this is the book for you. It’s a funny yet inspirational novel about three best friends following their bliss with life’s curve balls being thrown at them. 

One of my favorite lines from the book is “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” This book made me think about how my bliss was moving to NYC to pursue my passion for fashion. I’ve dreamed of this day since I watched That’s so Raven on Disney channel because Raven was always designing her own clothes, and it continued once I saw Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach and The City. I wanted to design clothes, work fashion shows, and make a name for myself. I’m following my bliss. I’m not exactly where I want to be, but I’m getting closer and closer each day. What is your bliss?