Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Happy Halloween my little monsters, goblins, and princesses! My favorite part about Halloween (besides picking out the perfect costume.. which will be my next blog) is carving pumpkins! Now where I’m from we do pumpkin picking in a pumpkin patch in the middle of a field where there are hay rides, haunted houses, and miles worth of a corn maze. However, pumpkin picking in NYC is a little bit of a different experience. Since I didn’t want to buy my pumpkin at the local Trader Joe’s store, the closest I got to “Pumpkinville” is in Union Square on my way to work where I then had to manage to carry my pumpkin 4 blocks and two avenues. I considered that going to the gym.

 Anyways, this year I decided to paint my pumpkin. I can never come up with a clever face idea when I carve my pumpkin so every year it’s the same traditional triangle eyes, triangle nose, and some weird looking, missing teeth smile. And the thought of picking out all of the pumpkin goo and ruining my newly manicured nails just wasn’t an option. So this year I decided to break out my artistic skills and paint! 

Ever since seeing the the Cinderella movie that came out this year, I’ve been obsessed! Everything Cinderella inspired I fall in love with from dresses, to jewelry, and even to my pumpkin. Since Cinderella’s fairy godmother turned her pumpkin into a carriage, I turned my pumpkin into a Cinderella theme too.. Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo!

My Cinderella Momentđź’™

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